Loose Threads – August 2016

We will not have an August meeting. Enjoy your summer everyone! I’ll get back on here with our September meeting date when it gets approved.

First of all – Thank you Sherrie Perez for our lovely Loose Threads summer BBQ. You are such a wonderful hostess. Please thank Richard for his YUMMY BBQ chicken and chunks of pineapple! Thank you too, ladies, for all the great food you brought. Delish!

We made some decisions about our future at the BBQ.

  • Biggest decision: we are going back to Thursday nights.

I have requested some dates for 2016/2017 from the church. Will let you know if we get them. We need to coordinate with Dress A Girl sew group. They meet on Thursdays, too, but their coordinator, Margo, comes to Loose Threads, too!

We have a signup sheet going for you all to volunteer to help in the upcoming LT year. Cathy Criger has volunteered to oversee September, October and November. We’ll see what she comes up with for us – doing some classes has been requested.

New member Carol Westover has volunteered to do Roster. DeAnna Sturgeon took over buying the gift cards. I can still oversee our little website and be Admin on our Facebook group. It looks like the Loose Threads will keep going.

Happy Quilting!

More up to date news is always available on our private Facebook group. (Please join the Facebook group if you have not already done so. Instant communication happens on the Facebook group and you can share with the other ladies quilting tips, etc.) 

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