Loose Threads – November 2015

Loose Threads

Monday, November 16, 2015 – CANCELLED DUE TO ICE AND SNOW

  • Bring your Own Projects to Work on 4-8pm at COBC.
  • Don’t Forget to Work on those *Challenge Quilts!
  • Row by Row Experience – have any more patterns to share?
  • Show and Tell –  We’ll draw for a UFO Gift Certificate Winner
  • Dinner: Robyn, Heather and Theresa signed up

December 7, 2015 – Annual Christmas Party

The Annual Loose Threads Christmas Party will be at Diane’s house on Monday, December 7 at 5pm.  Bring savory holiday food to share.  She’ll provide drinks and dessert.

  • Homemade Item gift exchange is back on.  Bring a homemade item (doesn’t have to be homemade by you!) if you want to participate. We’ll do your typical gift stealing exchange!
  • Doing a flannel exchange (to prepare for the rag quilt animals in a 2016 class) – more details coming soon

Challenge Quilts and Bonus Gift Certificates:

  • At our annual Christmas party we will have a bonus gift certificates drawing to award those that finish our Challenge Quilts for the year. This year you can put your name in once for every quilt you share: February’s Mystery Quilt or the quilt you make from our Scrappy Block exchange (2015) or your Round Robin Quilt (2014-2015 – ending in September 2015). You are not required to make all of these quilts (Pogie!). It just gives you more chances to win a prize, the more quilts you complete! You can also share a Row by Row Experience Quilts (if you’ve had time to make one! If not, let’s continue this challenge on into 2016!) Check out – The Row by Row Experience website. See the California Row by Row Experience on Facebook for ideas.

Changes to Loose Threads

We’re going to restructure Loose Threads for 2016.  Please sign up to help in some way if you want our group to continue! Angi will have a signup sheet available at the November meeting. Thank you to those who have already signed up.


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