Loose Threads – June 8, 2015

Loose Threads Special Meeting on June 8, 2015

On Monday, June 8 we will have a special class OFF SITE from 4-8pm.

Come to a Fabric Dyeing Workshop with Cheryl Johnson – At the May meeting, Cheryl came and showed us samples of what we could do with fabric dyeing and 10 of us signed up to learn the process with Cheryl at her home in Golden Hills -19813 Breeze Place. We will NOT be meeting at the church on June 8.  The class takes a couple of hours.  There is no mixing of dyes, etc.  Cheryl takes care of all that.  You move from color station to color station and simply dye your fabrics.

Supplies & Preparation Needed:  Do the following prep. Everyone needs:

  • 12 one-gallon size ziplock bags.  Label each bag 1-12 with Sharpie pen.
  • 3 yards of white fabric cut into 12 fat quarters. (quality muslin, white on white, white with dots – Cheryl showed some interesting results with white on white fabrics.  Since the white is painted on the dye only sticks to the background leaving the painted part white. Dots were cute, too.)
  • Plastic dish pan
  • Rubber gloves
  • Wear old clothes and shoes
  • Pick up special detergent and soda ash from Cheryl before class.
  • Pre-wash your fabric in special detergent before the workshop
  • The morning of the workshop, soak your fabric in soda ask mixture at least 15 minutes before coming to her house (If you arranged with Cheryl to purchase fabric made for dyeing she will prep it for you.)

Cheryl’s info: 823-1609 or email her at tedcbreeze@hotmail.com

NO Round Robin – It was scheduled to be an exchange night but we aren’t meeting at the church so let’s exchange in July instead.

NO Show & Tell, NO UFO winners and NO dinner in June:  Thank you Cathy Criger, Margo Amero and Angi Wiggins for our May dinner. Margo did an amazing job with the soft tacos! Annette Weisenseel and Sherrie Perez were scheduled in June – can we move you to another month?


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