Loose Threads November Meeting was Awesome!

It was great to see some new faces and some familiar faces return to our Monday, November 17, 2014 meeting at Country Oaks Baptist Church.  Margo Amero, Roxanna Flint and new member Margy Michalski made a delicious gluten free lasagna dinner complete with dessert. (Diane and I thank you for the GF!)  Thank you ladies.  This month’s meeting was free sew and show and tell – we saw lots of beautiful quilt tops.  Can’t wait until Sherry posts the pictures in our Facebook group.  We started collecting dues for 2015.  See the end of this post for why we collect dues.

Christmas Party:

Diana Mauldin is the hostess for our annual (fabulous) Christmas party on Tuesday December 16 at 5pm at Diana’s home in BVS. She will provide dessert and drinks. What we need to bring:

  • Asian-themed appetizers, sides, salads, etc.
  • Round Robins to swap (if you are participating)
  • Finished Quilt tops for the final drawing of THREE gift certificates in 2014 – Show us your Mystery Quilt, I Spy Quilt, Block of the Month Quilt (your colors) or the Block of the Month blocks you won in the drawing made into a quilt for a chance to win. (You can participate in this drawing even if you’ve already won or didn’t pay dues in 2014)
  • A homemade item for the gift exchange (optional)
  • (UPDATED) Christmas Party – Fabric exchange for our Scrap Therapy 2015 Block Swap – 5 1/2 inch squares cut from 100% Quilter’s Quality COTTON (no flannel) squares – jewel tone medium to dark medium (prints, plaids, solids, tone on tone, etc) – fabric CANNOT have any white in it.) UPDATE –Okay girls. So I went home and thought about the block exchange. We are doing Scrap therapy so we need to use up scraps. I looked at the pattern and came up with a different way to cut ONE 5.5 inch block to get what we need. (See pictures below). I think at Christmas you can bring as many or as few 5.5 inch squares as you want. They can be all the same, all different, it’s up to you. We’ll lay them out like last year and let everyone swap. Just take as many as you brought. If you bring 30, take home 30. Cutting this way means we don’t need two of them so we can be scrappier!!! The pattern for the block swap we’ll be doing in March and April 2015 is in the book Simple Strategies for Block Swap Quilts. It’s the Tipsy 9 Patch in the back of the book. We’ve also talked about doing a black on black fabric 2.5 inch strip exchange in March so we can scrap up our black fabs, too.

swap1 swap2 swap3 swap4

Dues for 2015

We will be collecting (optional) dues of $20 for 2015 at the November, January and February meetings.  UFO prize drawings will commence in March 2015.

Loose Threads is free to anyone who would like to attend and you can always share your finished quilts. HOWEVER, if you wish to participate in the monthly prize drawings for finished quilt tops (finished in the last month – top together or quilt finished and bound qualifies as “done”), you must buy in one time per year at $20 (Cash only, please). It is too difficult to pro-rate or make exceptions. Consider it a Loose Threads Membership Fee.

We will be dividing the proceeds using the money to buy quilt shop gift certificates for the winner of the random drawing. This is so you’ll be committed to finishing quilts and so we can have prizes when the finished tops are presented. The membership fee is the same whether you join in January or July, whether you finish one top or six.

Once you have won the drawing, your name will no longer be entered so that someone else can win. Note, you are not guaranteed to win anything. If we get a lot of ladies joining and paying the fee, we can get more gift certificates as a prizes and have more winners. If you cannot make a meeting but finished your top, send it with someone else so we can see it, cheer for you, and enter your name in the drawing (if you paid your membership fee.)

Dates for 2015

I’ve posted a tentative schedule of events for 2015 on our 2015 page. I’ll get dates on there as soon as we clear it with the church.

If you aren’t part of our Facebook group, please join!  We post pics of quilts and share information in the group.

Monthly Meeting Schedule

4:00 -5:30 pm Come for Free Sew. Bring your own projects.

5:30 pm – 6:30pm – Dinner & Show & Tell.  All Business stuff and dinner is transacted around 5:30 – 6:30pm.

Draw for a Finished UFO Winner – To participate, please pay your dues of $20, finish a quilt in the past month, and share it with us to be in our monthly drawing to win a gift certificate to a quilt shop.

6:30-8:00pm Free Sew continues


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