Summer Meetings


Our July Meeting will be July 21 at 4pm at COBC – dinner volunteers are Dawna Doeil!, Liz Wolfe! and Debbi Hayward?

At the July Meeting we need to schedule the rest of our meeting dates and get them on the church calendar to reserve the space.

Please check the 2014 Page for our latest updates (don’t check old posts!).

Block of the month!

Congratulations – Teri Kanallakan won the Kansas Dust Storm blocks! – (If you’ve fallen behind, get her your block ASAP – thanks! See note below about other blocks you don’t need to make!)

BOM block change! Since there’s only 2 blocks left to go – – we’ve decided Mary Landon will win next months block and Angi Wiggins will win the final block. For next month’s block we didn’t like the floral corners. Please do your corners in four different solids like example below.

Evening Star
FYI if you’ve fallen behind you DON’T need to make the following blocks:

  • Joan Pogon-cord finished her boot quilt already
  • Heather McAlpine-Barnes gave away the red, white and blue blocks
  • Kim White says she has enough spool blocks to make the quilt she wants.

Round Robin for late 2014

Have any Round Robin samples?? Bring them to the next meeting to share!

It was suggested we start another Round Robin in August when we finish the Block of the Month. We’ve decided to form 2 groups, one Slow Group that exchanges maybe twice before Christmas and one Fast group that exchanges every month. A Round Robin is a serious commitment so think twice about joining – the next person depends on you to finish your border on time so that the exchange can happen in a timely manner. You can’t fall behind on this one. We will explain the procedure in July. You need to provide a center block in a box if you want to join. Your block would be passed around with each lady adding on another border. You could let people add their own fabric or just have them use the fabric you include in your box.

We have decided to do Scrap Therapy in 2015 – Mary is suggesting 1/2 square triangles. Any more ideas?


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