March 2014 News

Congratulations to March winners!

At our last meeting Heather Barnes won the Red, White and Blue Glory is Scraps blocks.  Joan Pogon-Cord won our gift certificate for showing a finished UFO quilt.  Thanks to Cathy Criger and Diane Cole we had a delicious dinner of chili and salad.

If you are in the Block of the Month group, please get your finished blocks to the winners ASAP.  Those who haven’t won blocks yet are :  Kim White, Pogie, Teri K, Mary and Angi.  Cowboy Boot is next.  It is a SIMPLE block.  Fun. Easy.  No stress.  Do it with a light background and have fun with the rest of the boot.

At the March meeting we decided to do June’s Kansas Dust Storm in the colors shown.  We want to do the Evening Star block in the brights so to help out with that we’ll have a bright fabric swap in May and June so that everyone can get the colors they need to complete the block shown.

It was suggested we start another Round Robin in August when we finish the Block of the Month – maybe this time dividing into Beginning and Intermediate groups.  If we decide to do this, we will explain the procedure and you would need to provide a center block in a box.   Your block would be passed around 5-6 rounds with each lady adding on another border.  You could let people add their own fabric or just have them use the fabric you include in your box.  More at the next meeting.  If you have any books on round robins or how to do borders, bring them to share!

April 7, 2014 Special Event

Don’t forget.  Tehachapi Mountain Quilters have scheduled a night meeting at COBC and everyone is welcome!  Meeting starts at 5:30 pm and features Raylene Salazar of Quilters Haven LLC.  We’ve been asking for night meeting for awhile.  Let’s support this one!

Next Loose Threads meeting is April 21, 2014

cowboy boot pic

Block of the Month:  Jaunty Cowboy Boot

Colors: Follow Instructions (light background, boot in your own color choices)

Instructions for Cowboy Boot 

Block of the Month: Draw for a winner of the Jaunty Cowboy Boot.

Gift Certificate Winners:  Draw for a UFO winner

Dinner:  Joan Pogon-Cord and Ginny Brooks


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