Block of the Month – The Rest of the Story

Block winners:

(Trading out is A-OK)

  1. 2013 April – Star of Virginia (blues) – Robyn Thompson – (Angi Wiggins originally won but traded with Robyn)
  2. May – Greek Cross (black & white) – Ginny Brooks – (Christina originally won but trade with Diane C.)
  3. June – Mosaic (30′s) – Diane Cole – (Ginny originally won but traded with Christina who gave them to Diane)
  4. August – Flower Garden Path (black & scraps) – Lisa Lopez
  5. September – Star Block (solids) – Sandy Duxbury
  6. October – Arkansas Traveler (floral and white) – Christina Salazar
  7. November – Rocky Road to Kansas (dots & Christmas) – Laura Newbry
  8. No block – December – Christmas Party at Teri’s House
  9. 2014 January – Minnesota (stained glass look) – Carolyn Wright
  10. February – Lucky Pieces (gray, red & white) –
  11. March – Glory in Scraps (red, white and blue) –
  12. April – Cowboy Boot (light background and your fabrics) –
  13. May – Spools – (stripes for thread, tan/beige for spools and cream/tan printed background) –
  14. June – Kansas Dust Storm –
  15. July – Evening Star –
  16. August – Snail Trail – in blues to look like Ocean Waves –

The Rest of the Blocks

*We have been following the Summer Sampler Series but have to add a few blocks so that everyone will be a winner.   It was decided to NOT do the Six Pointed String Quilt in the Summer Sampler Series due to the Y seams and hand sewing involved.  There is some information missing below such as instructions and color choices.  We’ll decided those at our next few meetings.  Have fun.

January 6, 2014


Carolyn Wright won our Minnesota Blocks

February 7, 2014 (FRIDAY!) 4pm to Midnight

Mystery Quilt Night


Block of the Month: Draw for winner of LUCKY PIECES

March 10, 2014


Block of the Month:  Glory in Scraps

Colors: Red, White and Blue

Instructions are on Quilter’s Cache:  Glory in Scraps

April 21, 2014

cowboy boot pic

Block of the Month:  Jaunty Cowboy Boot

Colors: Follow Instructions (light background, boot in your own color choices)

Instructions for Cowboy Boot 

May 19, 2014


Block of the Month:  Spools

Colors: Stripes for the thread, brown or tan for the spools, cream/beige prints for the background

Instructions are coming

June 16, 2014


Block of the Month:  Kansas Dust Storm

Colors:  ?

Instructions are on Freshly Pieced Modern Quilts:  Kansas Dust Storm

July 14, 2014

Evening-Star-1024x1024evening star 2evening star

Block of the Month:  Evening Star – Summer Sampler Series

Colors: ?

Instructions are on Swim, Bike, Quilt website:  Evening Star

August 2014 – Last block


Block of the Month:  Snail Trail

Colors: Light Blue, Medium Blue, Dark Blue – Make it look like a wave

Instructions are coming

Monthly Meeting Schedule

4:00 -5:30 pm Come for Free Sew and/or instructions on sewing the block of the month.

5:30 pm – 6:30pm – Dinner, Show & Tell and Block Exchange – All Business (show and tell and BOM) and dinner is transacted from 5:30 – 6:30pm.

Draw for a Finished UFO Winner – To participate, please pay your dues of $20, finish a quilt in the past month, and share it with us to be in our monthly drawing to win a gift certificate to a quilt shop.

6:30-8:00pm Free Sew and Block of the Month sewing time continues


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