2014 Calendar

In 2014 we are continuing our  Block of the Month (see below). Even if you don’t want to participate in Block of the Month, please come and bring your own project to work on.  We will still be having drawings as prizes for finished UFO’s for those that pay their annual fee of $20.  This year they will be monthly – so finish up those unfinished objects and come show them off at our monthly meetings. Our meetings have changed to the second or third Monday of the month at Country Oaks Baptist Church in the chapel.  We begin sewing at 4pm, have dinner between 5:30-6:30pm and finish up just before 8pm.


Don’t forget to work on one or all of the three Challenges we have for 2014. We’ll be showing them at the Christmas Party in December 2014 and having a drawing. The three ways to enter the 2014 Loose Threads Challenge? Complete an “I Spy” from the charm exchange we had at the Christmas Party, make a Block of the Month quilt from blocks you win, or make a Block of the Month sampler with your own blocks/own fabrics. Make one, make all. There will only be one drawing but if you make three quilts, your name can be in the drawing three times.


*We have been following the Summer Sampler Series but have to add a few blocks so that everyone will be a winner.   It was decided to NOT do the Six Pointed String Quilt in the Summer Sampler Series due to the Y seams and hand sewing involved.  There is some information missing below such as instructions and color choices.  We’ll decided those at our next few meetings.  Have fun.

January 6, 2014


Block of the Month: Carolyn Wright won the Minnesota blocks.

Gift Certificate Winners:  Angi Wiggins won the last 2013 gift certificate for 2013 by showing two finished quilts.  Mary Landon and Sandy Duxbury were the first two winners for 2014 – sharing their beautiful quilts with us!

Dinner:  Pizza was ordered – Signups for providing dinners commenced!

February 7, 2014 (FRIDAY!) 4pm to Midnight

SPECIAL EVENT – MYSTERY CLASS led by Laura Newbry – Thank you, Laura, it was an awesome evening of fun!



Block of the Month: Roxanna Flint was the winner of the Gray, Red and White  LUCKY PIECES block.

No Drawing for UFO’s – We’ll be showing off our Mystery Quilts as they unfold

Dinner:  EVERYONE  bring a plate of food to share!

March 10, 2014


Block of the Month:  Glory in Scraps – Colors: Red, White and Blue – Instructions are on Quilter’s Cache:  Glory in Scraps

Block of the Month: The winner of our Glory in Scraps was Heather Barnes – Heather gave the blocks to Robyn Thompson.  

Gift Certificate Winners:  Joan Pogon-Cord

Dinner:  Thank you Cathy Criger and Diane Cole!

April 7, 2014 Special Event

Tehachapi Mountain Quilters have scheduled a night meeting at COBC!

April 21, 2014

cowboy boot pic

Block of the Month:  Jaunty Cowboy Boot

Colors: Follow Instructions (light background, boot in your own color choices)

Instructions for Cowboy Boot 

Block of the Month: Joanie Pogon-Cord was the winner of the Jaunty Cowboy Boot.

Gift Certificate Winners:  Angi Wiggins was the winner of our UFO Gift Certificate

Dinner:  Joan Pogon-Cord and Ginny Brooks

May 19, 2014

spools  spools mine

Block of the Month:  Spools – Colors: Stripes for the thread, brown or tan for the spools, cream/white/light prints for the background –  BRING SOLID BRIGHT FABRICS FOR A FABRIC EXCHANGE so we can all make the Evening Star Block shown below (July).

Instructions for Spools:  Spool Instructions

Block of the Month: Kim White was the winner of the Spools blocks.

Gift Certificate Winners:  Cathy Criger was our UFO Drawing winner

Dinner:  Sherrie Perez and Robyn Thompson – Robyn did dinner all by herself.  Thanks Robyn!

June 23, 2014


Block of the Month:  Kansas Dust Storm – Colors as shown: Orange, Green Yellow, White

Colors:  As shown in the picture

Instructions are on Freshly Pieced Modern Quilts:  Kansas Dust Storm

Block of the Month winner: Teri Kanallakan

Gift Certificate Winners:  Ginny Brooks

Dinner:  Mary Landon and Angi Wiggins.

July 21, 2014

Evening Star

Block of the Month:  Evening Star – Summer Sampler Series – Colors as shown (this is a change – solids in the corners, please.)

Colors: As shown in the picture.  We did a bright fabric scraps swap in May and June so we will all have the fabrics we need to complete the block pictured above.

Instructions are on Swim, Bike, Quilt website:  Evening Star

Block of the Month: Winner will be Mary Landon

Gift Certificate Winners:  Draw for a UFO winner

Dinner: Dawna Doeil, Liz Wolfe, Debbie Hayward

August 11, 2014 – LAST BLOCK

snail trail 1 snail trail 2

Block of the Month:  Snail Trail Wave

Colors: Light Blue, Medium Blue (used twice), Dark Blue – Make it look like a wave!

Instructions: Follow instructions on the Elven Garden Snail Trail Tutorial for how to make a snail trail but place colors like the samples above.  We are using THREE colors. One Light (sky) opposite One Dark (wave) and One Medium used twice to be a part of the wave. (You will have leftover pieces after you finish the block.

Block of the Month: Winner will be Angi Wiggins. BOM Ends!

Start Round Robin – Bring your center block in a box. You can bring material you want used in the quilt, too.

Gift Certificate Winners:  Draw for a UFO winner

Dinner:  Sandy Duxbury and Heather Barnes

September 8, 2014

Gift Certificate Winners:  Heather Barnes

Dinner:   Theresa Morrow

October 6,  2014

Round Robin Participants – bring your projects to swap!

Gift Certificate Winners:  Sherrie Perez

Dinner:  Carolyn Wright and Lisa Roskam

November 17, 2014

Gift Certificate Winners:  Draw for a UFO winner

Dinner: Roxanna Flint, Margo Amero and Margy

December  16, 2014 (Tuesday)

Christmas Party: – Diana Mauldin is the hostess for our annual (fabulous) Christmas party on Tuesday, December 16 at 5pm at Diana’s home in BVS. She will provide dessert and drinks. We need to bring Asian-themed appetizers, sides, salads, etc.

Also bring:

  • Round Robins to swap (if you are participating
  • Finished Quilt tops for the final drawing of gift certificates in 2014 – Show us your Mystery Quilt, I Spy Quilt, Block of the Month Quilt (your colors) or the Block of the Month blocks you won in the drawing made into a quilt for a chance to win. (You can participate in this drawing even if you’ve already won or didn’t pay dues in 2014)
  • A homemade item for the gift exchange (optional)
  • Fabric exchange for Scrap Therapy 2015 Block Swap – 5 1/2 squares in a baggie (4 sets of 2 (same fabric)) 5 1/2 squares – jewel tone medium to dark medium (prints, plaids, solids, tone on tone, etc) – fabric CANNOT have any white in it.) THIS IS FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN A SCRAPPY BLOCK EXCHANGE IN MARCH/APRIL 2015

Monthly Meeting Schedule

4:00 -5:30 pm Come for Free Sew. Bring your own projects.

5:30 pm – 6:30pm – Dinner & Show & Tell. All Business stuff and dinner is transacted around 5:30 – 6:30pm.

Draw for a Finished UFO Winner – To participate, please pay your dues of $20, finish a quilt in the past month, and share it with us to be in our monthly drawing to win a gift certificate to a quilt shop.

6:30-8:00pm Free Sew continues

Final Block winners 2014 BOM

  1. 2013 April – Star of Virginia (blues) – Robyn Thompson – (Angi Wiggins originally won but traded with Robyn)
  2. May – Greek Cross (black & white) – Ginny Brooks – (Christina originally won but trade with Diane C. who traded with Ginny)
  3. June – Mosaic (30′s) – Diane Cole – (Ginny originally won but traded with Christina who gave them to Diane)
  4. August – Flower Garden Path (black & scraps) – Lisa Lopez
  5. September – Star Block (solids) – Sandy Duxbury
  6. October – Arkansas Traveler (floral and white) – Christina Salazar
  7. November – Rocky Road to Kansas (dots & Christmas) – Laura Newbry
  8. No block – December – Christmas Party at Teri’s House
  9. 2014 January – Minnesota (stained glass look) – Carolyn Wright
  10. February – Lucky Pieces (gray, red & white) – Roxanna Flint
  11. March – Glory in Scraps (red, white and blue) – Heather Barnes (gave her blocks away)
  12. April – Cowboy Boot (light background and your fabrics) – Joan Pogon-Cord
  13. May – Spools – (stripes for thread, tan/beige for spools and cream/white/light printed background) – Kim White
  14. June – Kansas Dust Storm – (orange, white, yellow and green) – Teri Kanallakan
  15. July – Evening Star – (brights) – Mary Landon
  16. August – Snail Trail – in blues to look like Ocean Waves – Angi Wiggins

15 Block of the Month Participants – Everyone wins a set of blocks: Angi, Mary, Christina, Sandy D., Diane C., Ginny, Laura N, Lisa L, Teri K., Carolyn, Pogie, Kim W, Robyn, Heather, Roxanna


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