Loose Threads News

Our next meeting will be Thursday, November 21, at 4pm at COBC. (Thanksgiving is the 28th)

November dinner – No one is signed up.  Do we want to go potluck or do we have some volunteers?  Has anyone not done it yet?

The last few years we have provided pjs, pillowcases, etc. for an orphanage in Mexico.  This year they are asking for sweatshirts/sweatpants. The group decided to donate cash so Teri and Peggy could shop for the sweats (you can still purchase some if you see some on sale).  If you want to participate, please bring your cash donation to the next meeting.  Thanks.
Fall Retreat – The group decided “no” on the beach house and would like to keep the Oakhurst retreat going.  Mary would like to step down from organizing it.  A couple ladies have agreed to take over running it.
Don’t forget to bring your finished UFO’s to the meeting to be entered in a drawing for a gift certificate! – Our UFO drawing winners in October were Mary Landon and new member Roxanna Flint.
Ideas for 2014 – Laura N. has offered to host a Mystery Quilt Sit and Sew Night.  We’re thinking of having a Friday night from 4pm to midnight some time in the winter – January or February.  The mystery would be done all in one night and revealed around 11:30pm.  Anyone up for that?

Block of the Month Procedure

Make a block in your own colors and keep it. If you wish to be part of our block exchange, make a second block in the designated color of the month.
In November – We will exchange the Rocky Road to Kansas blocks (in red and green Christmas fabrics) that we worked on at the October meeting. Just in time for Christmas!  Then, we will work on the MINNESOTA block.  Our Minnesota block to exchange colors are as follows: The black should be brown.  The white should be a creamy plain muslin.  The four corner blocks should be made of two different batiks. We’re going for a Cross/Stained glass look. See Christina’s blocks below for a sample.  Speaking of Christina…She traded her Greek Cross blocks and was back in the block pool for October, winning the Arkansas Traveler blocks.  Congratulations Christina.
loose threads 2
Block winners:
  1. April – Star of Virginia – Angi Wiggins
  2. May – Greek Cross – Ginny Brooks
  3. June – Mosaic – Diane Cole
  4. August – Flower Garden Path – Lisa Lopez
  5. September – Star Block – Sandy Duxbury
  6. October – Arkansas Traveler – Christina Salazar
  7. November – Rocky Road to Kansas –
  8. No block – December – Christmas Party at Teri’s House
  9. January – Minnesota
  10. February – Lucky Pieces
  11. March
  12. April
  13. May
  14. June
  15. July
  16. August 2014 – so everyone participating will win a block

15 Block of the Month Participants: Angi, Mary, Christina, Sandy D., Diane C., Ginny, Laura N, Lisa L, Teri K., Carolyn, Pogie, Kim W, Robyn, Heather, Roxanna

Monthly Meeting Schedule

  • 4:00 -5:30 pm  Come for Free Sew and/or instructions on sewing the block of the month.
  • 5:30 pm – 6:30pm – Dinner, Show & Tell and Block Exchange  – All Business (show and tell and BOM) and dinner is transacted from 5:30 – 6:30pm.  Draw for a Finished UFO Winner – To participate, please pay your dues of $20, finish a quilt in the past month, and share it with us to be in our monthly drawing to win a gift certificate to a quilt shop.  Dinner
  • 6:30-8:00pm Free Sew and Block of the Month sewing time continues
Happy Quilting, amigas

4 thoughts on “Loose Threads News

  1. Sorry my response is so late. I’m not much of a cook, but I could pick up some pizza or chicken, and bring it to the meeting to help out with dinner. Has anyone else volunteered that I should be working with, or have you decided to do a potluck? Please let me know. -Roxanna

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