Planning Ahead for the Next Few Months

Last Meeting – September 19, 2013

Congratulations to Sandy Duxbury who won the bold, solid-colored Star blocks we all sewed in August.  (Diane, Robyn, Kim and Pogie still owe Sandy their Star Blocks).  Congrats to Carolyn who won our UFO drawing. She chose a Strawberry Patch Gift Card.  Thanks to Peggy, Angi and Teri for our Subway sandwich dinner.  Thanks especially to Peg for going to pick the sandwiches up for us.

Planning Ahead

We did some planning at the September meeting…

Mark your Calendars!  The annual Christmas Party will be Thursday, December 12 at Teri’s house.  Mary suggested an I-Spy exchange – we’ll see if we can work this out.  It was also suggested we give everyone 2 years to complete their batik challenge from last Christmas.  Thoughts on that?  Only one person present at the meeting had started work on her Batik Challenge.

We decided to keep going on the Block of the Month but planned for the next three blocks so that the over-achievers could work ahead 🙂 and those just barely keeping up (like me!) will know what to expect and know how to budget her time. We have juggled the order of the blocks around and here’s what we came up with.

In October

We will exchange the Arakansas Traveler blocks (some regular piecing and some paper piecing – in white and florals) that we worked on at the September meeting.  We will work on our ROCKY ROAD TO KANSAS.  (shown below)   Our Rocky Road to Kansas block to exchange will be made from Red and Green Christmas scraps (the star points are string pieced).  The background fabric should be red or green polka dot. (white background, any size red or green polka dots.)  You can make your center all one color or scrap it up as you wish.

Rocky Road to XMAS
Rocky Road to Kansas

In November

We will exchange the Rocky Road to Kansas blocks (in red and green Christmas fabrics) that we worked on at the October meeting. Just in time for Christmas!  Then, we will work on the MINNESOTA block (shown below).  Our Minnesota block to exchange colors are as follows: The black in the picture below should be brown.  The white should be a creamy plain muslin.  The four corner blocks should be made of two different batiks. We’re going for a Cross/Stained glass look.

Minnesota Block

In December

Christmas Party at Teri’s.  More details to come. No Block of the Month.

In January

We will exchange the Minnesota blocks (in brown and batiks) that we worked on back at the November meeting. Then we will be working on LUCKY PIECES. (shown below).  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY – The Lucky Pieces instructions on the linked website has FIVE COLORS.  Our Lucky Pieces block to exchange will ONLY HAVE FOUR COLORS: RED, WHITE AND TWO SHADES OF GRAY.  Referring to the picture below, please place the colors as follows: make the green windmill in the center out of RED (print, solid, you choose), make the dark gray pinwheel in the center out of WHITE (or predominantly white with touches of either gray or red), make the white background out of LIGHT GRAY and finally make the blue corner pieces out of a DARK GRAY (make sure there is a lot of contrast between your two gray fabrics.)  If we all follow these directions, drop the extra color, then we should get blocks that have a nice 3D look.

Lucky Pieces 1

Block winners:

  1. April – Star of Virginia – Angi Wiggins
  2. May – Greek Cross – Christina Salazar
  3. June – Mosaic – Ginny Brooks
  4. August – Flower Garden Path – Lisa Lopez
  5. September – Star Block – Sandy Duxbury
  6. October – Arkansas Traveler
  7. November – Rocky Road to Kansas
  8. December – Christmas Party at Teri’s House
  9. January – Minnesota
  10. February – Lucky Pieces

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