January 2013 Sewing Bag Class with Carolyn Wright



* ½  yard  sm/med Print (non directional) this is for the outside and pocket trim.

* ½ yard sm print for Lining (non directional) used in the inside of the bag (Will be seen)

* ½ yard of Contrast-choose a bold color in a tone or a tiny print, used for binding and handle.

* 2 1/3 yard fusible interfacing

* 2-14 inch zippers.  The zippers are next to the print.

* threads to match

* ¾ inch clip and D ring (at Debbies)

* Soft and stable and clear vinyl (I’m going to buy and divide up between you all so that it wont cost you so much, I will tell you how much you owe on January 17th)

* Please bring you sewing machine and sewing supplies!

IMPORTANT:  I need to know how many of you want to do this, so that I can purchase the right about of Soft and stable and Vinyl!  Carolyn Wright 822-6237 asap

Now, for Homework!

* Iron all fabric, then fuse the interfacing to the WRONG side of the half yard of PRINT and LINING only!

* Contrast fabric

-cut 2- 2 ½ X wof (Width of fabric) make binding with this.

– Cut 1 – 4” X wof  (with this piece, then cut 1 – 4” X 40”

And one 3” X 6 ½”


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