Loose Threads UFO Challenge 2012

Loose Threads 2012

“UFO Challenge”


Don’t forget to work on your “Dots and Stripes” challenge that you picked up at the Christmas Party!

Meeting  #1 – January 26, 2012
(FYI – Road to California Quilt Show  is January 19-22, 2012)

Sew Day, Show our last Strip Club quilt top – Strip Joints (shown at left) – draw for two gift card winners, and join the UFO Challenge by listing your 6 UFO’s to be finished in 2012 and paying your $20 signup fee.

Cathy Criger won one of our last gift certificates.  Nobody else that had not already won  finished a top in January so we threw all those who had paid their Strip Club dues and had not won yet into a hat.  Teri Kanallakan won the final gift certificate! 

Meeting #2 – February 23, 2012

(The third Thursday is attached to the 4 day President’s weekend so we’re meeting the 4th Thursday)

Sew Day

Meeting #3 – March 15, 2012

Sew Day – Show first finished UFO – Draw for gift certificate winners for finished UFO projects

Meeting #4 – April 19, 2012

Sew Day

Meeting #5 – May 17, 2012

Sew Day – Show second  finished UFO – Draw for gift certificate winners for finished UFO projects.

Meeting #6 – June TBA

Sew Day

Meeting #7 – July TBA

Sew Day – Show third  finished UFO – Draw for gift certificate winners for finished UFO projects

Meeting #8 – August TBA

Sew Day

Meeting #9 – September TBA

Sew Day – Show fourth  finished UFO – Draw for gift certificate winners for finished UFO projects 

Meeting #10 – October TBA
Sew Day
Meeting #11 – November TBA
Sew Day – Show fifth  finished UFO – Draw for gift certificate winners for finished UFO projects 
December 2012 – Christmas Party at Diane Cole’s House – Present your finished “Dots & Stripes” Quilt Challenge
January 2012 – Sew Day – Show sixth and final  finished UFO – Draw for gift certificate winners for finished UFO projects 
Start Something New!?

Loose Threads 2012 UFO Challenge Guidelines:

Who is Invited: All members of Loose Threads and their friends.

Where: We meet in Country Oaks Baptist Church Chapel. It has ten large round tables that have eight chairs each. Lighting is a tad dim, so you may need to bring an extra light. Electrical sockets are FAR from the tables so please bring an industrial length extension cord. You can enter the chapel by parking out front. I’ll have a sign on the door. We have a kitchen and bathrooms close by. We need signups for two ladies each month to provide dinner for the group since we meet during the dinner hour. This worked out great last year!

What: UFO Challenge 2012.
In January I’ll give you a signup form where you can list 6 projects you want to finish in 2012. We’ll have a $20 buy in like we did this year for incentive. One month we’ll draw for winners, the next month will be a work day – just like this year. When you finish a UFO from your list that you turned in in January, you can enter the drawing. We are defining UFOs in two ways – 1) UnFinished Objects (quilts you started and never finished or kits/projects you bought and never started) – if you get this to quilt top stage you can enter the drawing OR 2) Finished tops that need quilting and binding – if we see your completely finished project, you can enter the drawing. If in the unusual case that you have no UFO’s – then simply enter something new you started and finished in the two months between drawings.  We always want you to share whatever you are working on whether it qualifies for the drawing or not.  We LOVE to see finished quilts!

How: Loose Threads is free to anyone who would like to attend. The UFO Challenge will be, too. HOWEVER, if you wish to participate in the bi-monthly prize drawings for finished quilt tops, you must buy in one time per year at $20 (Cash only, please). It is too difficult to pro-rate or make exceptions. Consider it a Loose Threads Membership Fee. We will be dividing the proceeds by 6 and using the money to buy quilt shop gift certificates for the winner of the random drawing. This is so you’ll be committed to the Challenge and so we can have prizes when the finished tops are presented. The membership fee is the same whether you join in January or July, whether you finish one top or all six. Once you have won the drawing, your name will no longer be entered so that someone else can win. Note, if we have more than 6 Strip Club members, you are not guaranteed to win anything. If we get a lot of ladies joining the Club and paying the fee, we can get more than one gift certificate as a prize and have more than one bi-monthly winner. If you cannot make a meeting but finished your top, send it with someone else so we can see it, cheer for you, and enter your name in the drawing (if you paid your membership fee.)

When: We meet from 4-8 pm the third or fourth Thursday of the month depending on school holidays and the COBC Church Calendar. The room opens at 4 pm and we begin cleaning up around 7:30 pm.

Angi Wiggins will take care of communication/emails, calendaring and the facility (check us out on Facebook). Peggy Rosler will be Sergeant at Arms (If you have a problem, come to her. If you are a problem, she’ll come to you.)


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