Loose Thread 2012 Plans and Christmas Party

Wow. We had a big group last Thursday night. Thanks Mary and Teri for our delicious taco salad and apple pie/ice cream. Yummy! We’ll meet in November on the 17th at 4pm and draw for the winners of those who finish the Diamond Double strip quilt and start our Strip Joint quilts. Kim, Vicki and Theresa are going to bring dinner for us in November. I have enough money to purchase 5 more $30 gift certs for the drawings, so if you haven’t won yet, get those tops shown at the November and January meetings. We’ll draw for 2 in November for Diamond Double and do 3 in January for Strip Joints to finish off our Strip Club year.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am pretty tired of doing Strip Quilts and not getting to the projects I have sitting around the house. That is why I suggested that next year we do a UFO Challenge. Everyone seemed to agree that this would be a good idea. So here’s the proposed rules: In January I’ll give you a signup sheet where you can list 6 projects you want to finish in 2012. We’ll have a $20 buy in like we did this year for incentive. One month we’ll draw for winners, the next month will be a work day – just like this year. When you finish a UFO from your list that you turned in in January, you can enter the drawing. We are defining UFOs in two ways – 1) UnFinished Objects (quilts you started and never finished or kits/projects you bought and never started) – if you get this to quilt top stage you can enter the drawing OR 2) Finished tops that need quilting and binding – if we see your completely finished project, you can enter the drawing. If in the unusual case that you have no UFO’s – then simply enter something new you started and finished in the two months between drawings. Comments, suggestions, questions?

Teri Kanallakan has offered to host the Christmas Party at her house in BVS. We’ll enter her into the rotation (Diane and Julie and Teri) and meet at her house this year on Thursday, December 15 at 5:30 pm. We decided to do a couple of fun games. First of all bring two fat quarters – one stripes and one in polka dots. We’ll put all the stripes in one bag and all the dots in the other. You’ll have to draw one from each bag and make a quilt (any size) for yourself and show it off next Christmas. Did anyone finish the charm pack challenge from last year? If you did, bring your top to the party to share. Some of the gals thought it might be fun to have a homemade sewn item exchange. Bring a homemade item like a pin cushion, apron, potholder, placemats, bag, etc. wrapped as a gift and we’ll have one of those gift stealing games. You have two months to make something for the exchange if you want to participate.

I forgot to mention at the meeting that I have made us a Facebook group – Loose Threads Tehachapi. I’d prefer to communicate strictly through Facebook but to do that we’d all have to be members. Now with group pages, like ours: click here to see it – Loose Threads Facebook Group Page –  if I do a post you all receive an email of my post. This makes it so I don’t have to send out an email AND post to Facebook. Currently, if I make a post on the LooseThreads website it also posts to my Facebook page, so if you’re my Facebook friend, you can see when I do a new entry on the website. I’m checking to see if I can make a post to the website and have it post straight to the Loose Threads Facebook Group. Then I’d only have to do ONE entry to cover all the bases. Ah, all this modern technology!

Happy Quilting! Angi Wiggins


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