Loose Threads Strip Club 2011

Loose Threads 2011

“Let’s Do Strip Club!”

Schedule and patterns:

Strip Search by GE Quilt Designs

Strip Club #1 – January 27, 2011
(FYI – Road to California is January 20-23)

*Strip Club 1 Teacher: Sherry Perez

*Pattern: Strip Search by GE Designs

Work Day – February 24, 2011

*Hand out prep instructions for next month’s pattern

Pyschedelic Baby by Cozy Quilt Design

Strip Club #2 – March 24, 2011

*Present Finished Strip Club 1 Strip Search Tops and Draw for Prize. Our March winners were: Diane Cole and Theresa Morrow. Congratulations!
*Strip Club 2 – Teacher: Mary Landon
*Pattern: Pyschedelic Baby by Cozy Quilts

Work Day – April 28, 2011
(the week AFTER Easter break)

*Hand out prep instructions for next month’s pattern

Fields of Flowers (Pieces from my Heart by Sandy Gervais)

Strip Club #3 – May 19, 2011

*Present Finished Strip Club 2 Pyschedelic Baby Top – Draw for Prize. Our May winners were: Vicki Ruggles and Beth Denny. Congratulations!
*Strip Club 3 – Teacher: Teri Kanallakan
*Pattern: Fields of Flowers – from Pieces from my Heart by Sandy Gervais

We saw this pattern in a booth at Road to CA 2011.

Work Day – June 16, 2011

*Hand out prep instructions for next month’s pattern

Basket Case from Cozy Quilt Designs

Strip Club #4 – July 21, 2011

*Present Finished Strip Club 3 Top and Draw for Prize. Our July winners were: Mary Landon and Laura Newbry. Congratulations!
*Strip Club 4 – Teacher: Angi Wiggins
*Pattern: Basket Case by Cozy Quilt Designs (to see more on the quilt please click here.)
*This pattern is found in a book, Strip Clubbing, available from Cozy Quilt Designs.

Another Basket Case pattern

Some of the gals have elected to do this “Basket Case” instead. I found this Cluck, Cluck Sew pattern at Strawberry Patch.

Work Day – August 11, 2011
*Hand out prep instructions for next month’s pattern

Diamond Double by Cozy Quilts

Strip Club #5 – September 15, 2011
*Present Finished Strip Club 4 Basket Case Top and Draw for Prize- our September winners were Lisa Young and Bev Bemis
*Strip Club 5 – Teacher: Julie Heaslet
*Pattern: Diamond Double by Cozy Quilts

Work Day – October 20, 2011
*Hand out prep instructions for next month’s pattern
Strip Joints by GE Quilt Desgins

Strip Club #6 – November 17, 2011
*Present Finished Strip Club 5 Diamond Double Top – Draw for Prize
*Strip Club 6 – Teacher: Peggy Rosler

December 2011 – Party
January 2012 – *Present Finished Strip Club 6 Top – Draw for Last Prize
Start Again!?

Loose Threads 2011 Strip Club Guidelines:

Who is Invited: All members of Loose Threads and their friends.

Where: We meet in Country Oaks Baptist Church Chapel. It has ten large round tables that have eight chairs each. Lighting is a tad dim, so you may need to bring an extra light. Electrical sockets are FAR from the tables so please bring an industrial length extension cord. You can enter the chapel by parking out front. I’ll have a sign on the door. We have a kitchen and bathrooms close by. We have assigned two ladies each month to provide dinner for the group since we meet during the dinner hour. This is working out great!

What: We are forming a Strip Club in 2011 planning to do six patterns over 12 months, introducing a new pattern every other month (See Schedule Above). We are NOT copying patterns. Everyone has to buy their own pattern. If you don’t know where to get the pattern selected, check the schedule above or talk to Sherry Perez.. Be sure and be prompt in letting her know you need one and in paying her back for her trouble if she (or anyone else) buys a pattern for you.

How: Loose Threads is free to anyone who would like to attend. The Strip Club will be, too. HOWEVER, if you wish to participate in the bi-monthly prize drawings for finished quilt tops, you must buy in one time per year at $20 (Cash only, please). It is too difficult to pro-rate or make exceptions. Consider it a Strip Club Membership Fee. We will be dividing the proceeds by 6 and using the money to buy quilt shop gift certificates for the winner of the random drawing. This is so you’ll be committed to the Club and so we can have prizes when the finished tops are presented. The membership fee is the same whether you join in January or July, whether you finish one top or all six. Once you have won the drawing, your name will no longer be entered so that someone else can win. Note, if we have more than 6 Strip Club members, you are not guaranteed to win anything. If we get a lot of ladies joining the Club and paying the fee, we can get more than one gift certificate as a prize and have more than one bi-monthly winner. If you cannot make a meeting but finished your top, send it with someone else so we can see it, cheer for you, and enter your name in the drawing (if you paid your membership fee.)

Who #2: Teachers: Sherry Perez, Teri Kanallakan, Mary Landon, Angi Wiggins, Julie Heaslet and Peggy Rosler.

Which Patterns: See schedule above.

When: We meet from 4-8 pm the third or fourth Thursday of the month depending on school holidays and the COBC Church Calendar. The room opens at 4 pm, teaching begins at 5 pm.

Organization: Sherry Perez has offered to coordinate patterns and teachers. Angi Wiggins will take care of communication/emails, calendaring and the facility. Peggy Rosler will be Sergeant at Arms (If you have a problem, come to her. If you are a problem, she’ll come to you.)

Why: Form a fun club to do Strip Patterns, learn more about quilting and visit with quilting friends.


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